Pulse Beat Music programs include performances, workshops, residencies, and private lessons. Programs are built to meet your needs, budget and timeline. One approach is not right for everybody, so we tailor our classes and workshops to meet the specific needs of all our partners. 


Arts partners play a vital role in bridging the gap that is so often found in the arts in today’s schools. Working with a community arts partner like Pulse Beat Music allows for year-long, standard-based programs, that can offer much more financial flexibility than a full-time position. Our programs focus on both traditional and popular music from around the world and can be adapted to any age level. We work with early childhood, elementary, high school, university and adult. 

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After School




The Birthplace of Rhythm is our signature show, which brings to life traditional music and drums from across the globe. Explore music, instruments and songs from cultures around the world.

The Birthplace of Rhythm is an interactive performance featuring percussion music and instruments from around the world. Traditional music highlights the many ways that people around the world come together through music and community celebration.

In addition to being exciting and entertaining, learning about music from different cultures helps to highlight and amplify our similarities, so we can understand and appreciate our differences. Exploring cultural music can open new perspectives, and be the source of a whole new level of understanding and inspiration.


The Pulse Beat Music curriculum is standards-based and meets during the school day. Residencies are very versatile and are a great fit for schools that do not have a music teacher, or who want to supplement their existing music programs. Teaching artists can be in residence for a limited engagement or a whole school year.

Residencies are standards based music classes that cover a range of styles from at home and around the world. Students build on the fundamentals of music and apply the concepts while exploring music from many places. Special emphasis is placed on how music builds community. 


Our classes focus on doing, participating, and making music as a group. The majority of instruction time is spent on direct hands-on music making, followed by a brief reflection. This process allows for students to consistently build on their ability to listen, communicate and play in a group. It also allows for the experience of "live music" to be the primary driver of learning and exploration.


Workshops are one time or short series events that feature hands on instruction in a large group format. Workshops are high energy, fun and engaging. 

Workshops are group format classes that offer an immersion into a particular instrument or style of music. Workshops are typically offered as one-time classes, or in a short series. These programs work well in schools, parks, libraries, museums and community settings. Workshops are a great way to get a hands-on music making experience that can fit into any schedule. They can also supplement an area of study from the school curriculum, and can be tailored to fit any style of music. Our workshops can accommodate up to 30 people at a time, and also pair extremely well with the “Birthplace of Rhythm” performance!


After School

After school programs are group classes that explore new music and activities in a fun social environment. 

After school enrichment programs are an opportunity for students to explore new musical activities in a fun environment. Focused on student participation and having fun, enrichment programs are in a group format, and classes are available in guitar, drums, violin, choir, and piano.

Out of school time is a crucial part of the day when students need an enriching environment that gives them a break from academics. After school classes are based in music, but also build skills and community. Our programming is designed to offer exposure to new ideas in an alternative setting within the school.

Private Lessons

One on one lessons are available for Drum Set and Djembe and are offered in-studio or online.

Private lessons are one on one and can be done in person (in Chicago) or online via Zoom. One to one instruction translates very well online, and students of all ages and in any location are encouraged to join us. Lessons will have high quality sound and HD video. Headphones are recommended for online lessons.

Private instruction is offered on Drum Set or Djembe. Working with a private teacher is an important way to learn and improve upon musical ability. Private lessons allow for the student to breakdown concepts, rhythms and styles at their own pace, and focus on each element to make lasting improvements in sound, feel and timing. Private teachers act as coaches and can offer continuous feedback and support as students develop over time. Lessons are totally student focused and will be tailored to any particular area of interest for each student. Available in 30 or 60-minute sessions.