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Online classes 

Pulse Beat Music offers a variety of online classes designed to supplement music education. Similar to our other programs, these classes are ideal for schools with no music, or who want to supplement an existing area with additional material. Video music lessons are especially well suited for younger ages and are designed in a play along format. As always, programs are built to meet your needs, budget and timeline. Choose from our existing lessons, or partner with us to create new lessons designed for you.

Online Classes are ideal for:

  • Schools and districts with no music program or no available teachers

  • Increasing access to students where resources are not available

  • Supplementing educational areas with music


Video Production

Pulse Beat Music can produce, plan and deliver educational video content in any area including both music, and academics. Do you have educational content that you need to get into video format for use with your remote education offerings? Pulse Beat Music has over 15 years of designing curriculum in partnership with schools, districts, museums, parks and libraries. We also produce original video work and can help with all the technical requirements for shooting and delivering video content.

Video Production includes:

  • Full service production from planning, to shooting, to post-production

  • Curriculum design and consulting

  • Production services for existing curriculum that needs to be converted to video

  • Building and increasing outreach capabilities for districts with hard to reach populations

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