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At Pulse Beat Music we believe in the power of music to connect people. It all started with a djembe from West Africa. What began as an idle curiosity grew into life changing exposure to artists, music and culture that was to shape our lives for years into the future. From West Africa, the influence spread, and grew into a love of music and traditions from Cuba, Brazil, India and all over the world. Ever since, Pulse Beat Music has been teaching innovative music education with a global focus.


Music is unique. It speaks to all types of people. It engages our whole brain and body, and can benefit everyone.  We focus on interactive education, performances and workshops that highlight people’s ability to work together.


No great deeds get done alone, and music is one of the best ways to see the potential people have when working together. All around the world, there are countless examples of music, culture and community that highlight the basic human experience, and our need to connect with each other.


Our performances, residencies, and workshops are available to schools, businesses, and communities. We are excited to help people achieve a common goal and experience the joy of playing music.

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