Pulse Beat Music has absolutely changed our music program at St. Therese. They have a keen understanding of our children’s backgrounds and have incorporated that aspect into their selections. They have inspired the musician in each child.
— Phyllis Cavallone, Principal, St Therese School
I watched students with no musical background learn how to play with great confidence and enhance their self-esteem.
— Francine Pope, director of Chicago International House of Blues Foundation
Thank you for the wonderful percussion show and all you did to make the program a success! The show was perfect–including the variety, pace, educational dialogue, age appropriateness, and audience participation of your performance.
— Nancy Sarne, Latin Lower School, Chicago

Why choose Pulse Beat?

Pulse Beat Music is extremely versatile, and can fit any school’s music programming needs. The flexibility we offer makes us a great fit for any audience.

Why should you choose Pulse Beat Music?

·      Your school has no music programming, and you want some, but cannot add a full time music teacher

·      You had a regular music program in the past, and there are some holes in the program currently that need to be supplemented

·      Flexible options allow for exposure to multiple types of music and performing arts

·      Varied program offerings can accommodate long or short-term residencies, performances, or one time workshops

·      Because the “Birthplace of Rhythm is a dynamic performance that will ignite your whole school!