Welcome to Pulse Beat Music.

I am an MBA student at DePaul, and I am searching for a student skilled in website design and development. I am looking for a complete re-design of this website including ground-up planning and optimization for SEO, organic search results (keywords), and responsive design, as well as seamless integration across mobile and social media formats. I am currently hosting on square space. I am open to any host  as long as I can easily make content updates.

This is an excellent opportunity for a student to add to your portfolio and gain real world experience consulting with a small business. The ideal candidate will have experience with HTML, and CSS and be able to recommend an optimal format and design, as well as the ability to make custom template that I can easily use after the site is ready. Experience writing engaging web copy is a plus, but not required. My company works in arts and education and I need site that has very high visual appeal! I want to work with you to make a beautiful yet practical website! 

While you're here, please browse this website to get an idea of what my company does, and how I might better present it with a new and improved website.

The terms of this arrangement are negotiable. Please email Jason Wolf at  jwolf@pulsebeatmusic.com for more information, and please communicate your requirements for taking on this project.

I can provide details on my target audience, as well as the main goals of my website and related digital marketing efforts. I have enough of a vision for the new site to give us a good place to start. 

 Ideally this could lead to an ongoing consulting relationship. If you are also skilled in creating content, that is an additional plus. 

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.