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After School

 Interactive performances featuring  music and instruments from around the world

 Versatile, curriculum-based, school day music programs. 

Hands on group immersion classes. One time or short series

Explore new music in enriching, fun, group classes

After school enrichment programs are an opportunity for students to explore new…

Why Pulse Beat Music?

Simply put, Pulse Beat music delivers exceptional quality and flexibility at a great value. Our programs are curriculum-based and meet during the school day. They are extremely versatile and a great fit for schools that do not have a music teacher, or who want to supplement their existing music offerings.


Arts partners play a vital role in bridging the gap that is so often found with arts education in today’s schools. Working with a community arts partner like Pulse Beat Music allows for year-long, standard-based programs, that can offer much more financial flexibility than a full-time position. Our programs are world music based and can be tailored for all ages, from early childhood to High School. Typically, all classes in the school have music once per week and participate in at least one recital. Documentation of the final work is available upon request and can be a great tool to showcase the talents in your school!

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